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A great man once said… well I guess we’ll never know cause he didn’t have a PR firm like us!

Toronto’s Top Public Relations Agency

At BuzzPR+ we are passionate about being influencers, innovators and trailblazers. We are committed to making our clients a relevant part of the conversation and to building strong, long-lasting relationships between consumers and brands.

In the world of marketing strategy it’s increasingly challenging to stay one step ahead. We seek to capitalize on the synergies between social, digital and traditional media. With constantly evolving technology shaping the way in which people use modern media, we know that strategies for creating buzz around our clients’ products and services must be perceptive, dynamic, and adaptive in this fast-paced environment.

We shape the dialogue around your brand. We craft your messaging with your consumers in mind because we believe that engaged consumers produce the kind of ‘buzz’ that leads to results.

All of this is reflected in our philosophy, “Be seen, Be heard, Be Buzzworthy”

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