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Be Social, Don’t Do Social: Social Media Platforms as Mediums for Human Connection, Community and Communication

A lesson in effective social media use and brand exposure…. from a butcher. It was my first time in the new butcher shop in my neighbourhood so the owner gave me the grand tour, detailing their pretty awesome philosophy and products. I was duly impressed, but then he pulled the ace in his sleeve and […]

Marketing ‘BUZZ’ – What Is It and Why Is Everyone So Desperate to Capitalize on It?

Here at BuzzPR we have a passion for creating stories that capture people’s imaginations and make them want to call a friend, follow a link, tell their co-workers, check out that hot new spot or write a blog post. We love our jobs because we get to spend our time thinking of innovative ways to […]

Targeting Specific Media Communities and The “Death of the Mass Audience”

In the 90s there was a popular phenomenon called ‘flyer parties’. The basic premise was that if you were planning on throwing a huge Banger of a house party you would mock up an eye-catching, cool-oozing party invitation on one piece of paper, head to the copy shop and print off as many as you […]

In the PR Trenches: Traditional Media vs. Bloggers

There has been a war raging for the past 5 years or so between social media bloggers and traditional print and television journalists. The battle lines have been drawn and what is at stake is credibility, legitimacy and not to mention the hearts and minds of the masses. Many traditional media journalists refuse to acknowledge […]