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Marketing ‘BUZZ’ – What Is It and Why Is Everyone So Desperate to Capitalize on It?

Published on April 10, 2014

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Here at BuzzPR we have a passion for creating stories that capture people’s imaginations and make them want to call a friend, follow a link, tell their co-workers, check out that hot new spot or write a blog post. We love our jobs because we get to spend our time thinking of innovative ways to engage people and build relationships!

Brand Building Toronto and Buzzworthy Marketing rests on the idea that if you create a marketing experience that captures people’s interest they will be compelled to share and spread the word about that experience. So in reaching that one right consumer we are actually able to get our message to X amount more people. It is the age-old beauty of word-of-mouth marketing but with even further reach due to social media and the many other new ways to communicate!

Making a marketing experience buzzworthy requires creating an emotional connection with your target audience, offering them an experience that is memorable and lasting. Buzzworthy content can be many things but often takes the form of something inspiring, helpful, taboo, unique, controversial, funny and/or educational. It is the type of content that makes people want to tell someone about it, ask about it, argue about it. In other words it’s content that gives people something to say!

Products and services must have value in order to produce buzz. We have to earn this word-of-mouth marketing from our consumers. Buzz is earned through innovative and credible engagement with target audiences. In today’s environment it’s vital to focus on brand building through recognition and reputation because the power of marketing lies in tapping into those people who wield influence over others. It is these trend-spreaders (influencers) who become most effective at getting brand messaging to the masses. Research has shown that people are more receptive to recommendations that come via word-of-mouth, especially if the person making suggestions is seen as an influencer (bloggers, celebrities, cultural critics, etc.). Influencers, at their best, are able to turn their networks into consumers.

So why does everyone right now seem desperate to understand and harness the power of Buzz in marketing? The answer is that online social media and digital technology have given us new tools to observe and quantify the effects of buzzworthy campaigns. Buzz is a new type of currency, we provide entertainment and engagement and the consumer projects our influence farther than we ever could.

In the end buzzworthy marketing is not in itself new. It is a tool that rests on positive emotional feedback and people’s ability to influence each other through regular social interaction. It is about creating exciting partnerships of mutual interest with both consumers and our clients.

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