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Here at BuzzPR we have built a creative, media-savvy, highly motivated team of professionals who are committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients. We are passionate about using our cumulative expertise to give your brand the ‘buzz’ needed to get to the next level.

Our leadership team has over 50 years of cumulative experience in the public relations, media, communications and creative industry with diverse professional backgrounds from the realm of broadcast journalism to the competitive PR scene in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York City. We possess a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful, competitive and innovative in this field.

Our staff has a knack for building personal relationships, expanding networks and connecting with stakeholders. We have worked alongside recognized celebrities and CEOs to drive sales as well as contributed to the PR and marketing strategies of influential international brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Here at BuzzPR we prize accountability, commitment, creativity and integrity. Our staff continuously works to embody these qualities and add to new skills to their already impressive repertoire. We are a group of high-energy, charismatic professionals who refuse to rest on our laurels and bring everything we’ve got to the table for each and every client.

With a unique blend of international experience that spans four continents and includes PR, media, sales, marketing, advertising and events we are able bring a global outlook and media savvy to our work. At BuzzPR we believe that the talent and expertise of our team is what continues to fuel our success and ultimately the success of our clients.